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Radon Reduction Company

Radon Reduction Company

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So is it like Ghostbusters?   Do you send in a guy with a giant vacuum cleaner, or what?

Not really-but sort of…..we’re glad you asked! As the leading Elmhurst, Naperville, Aurora and surrounding areas radon mitigation contractors, we provide comprehensive and effective mitigation systems for our valued clients. Once we install one of these systems, you can be assured that radon levels will be reduced or eliminated entirely from your home.

A typical system includes one or more suction areas to siphon off the gas from your airspace. These suction points will be placed strategically, either under the floor in your basement or under a crawlspace. We also include an aluminum downspout, 20 inches above the highest eave. Next, we install a fan on a back wall, or side of the building involved. With little excess noise, your radon reduction system will not be noticeable or loud, but rather a silent and reassuring element of your home environment.

Do I have to get this done every year?

When you call us-the leading radon mitigation contractors in your area- you will receive a system fully guaranteed for five years. Your warranty will also be completely transferable to any new homeowner upon the sale of your property. It’s part of why we’re the best-and why we’re known as THE radon mitigation specialists in Elmhurst, Naperville, Aurora and beyond.